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 The compliment zone

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Pierre, zfsf
can sell his body for a new spyz album

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PostSubject: The compliment zone   Mon 6 Nov - 2:38

Hello all... As i tend to post some love posts, i would like you, if you want, to do the same, but in a different way. I think we all had some people around us who had good reactions or reflections the firts time we made them ear some Spyz dope.
As one cool happened to me this week-end, it gaves me the idéa. So i start.

A friend of mine, around 60 years old, who listens to many styles from classical to jazz, to cuban and others, (like lenny tristano or violeta para, and many others) came back home... i was at his house and as i was alone, i played Face the Day level 8 on the hifi. He just came in the house and after 15 seconds of only instrumental, (i don't remember what song it was i think track 4 or 5), he asked me "is this some Hendrix ?" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is true !!!
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Kike Gimeno
24-7 Spainiac

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PostSubject: Re: The compliment zone   Mon 6 Nov - 15:28

I have one Pierre
Months ago there was a local rock awards party in our town, and some bands had to play versions but mixed with members of other bands, we had to play three songs that night.

People were there a few hours before to talk and drink beside theirs cars.
we had to play but had time to chillin´
We were in our van and i put in the c.d. charger and began to drink with our friends enjoying the music,
people near us began to shake their heads and dance and some boys asked me: Who are this band?awesome music!!!!!

little by little came more friends and people and all finished in a party,
The van was the bar and the Spyz music was the Soundtrack
Almost can´t play that night
When we finished, we saw some other concerts and return to our bar
It was a funny night lol! drunken
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PostSubject: Re: The compliment zone   Tue 12 Dec - 0:57

Hi all,

im new here. I am listening to many styles of music from jazz to funk/soul and things like Kings'x and 24-7-Spyz (and Zappa lol! )

Well...i just dropped by to let u all know that yesterday i just freaked out cause i find out that the Spyz have a new CD out. It was like birthday and X-Mas in one.

I remember the days (92 -93) me and my friends allways rockin and groovin 2 your music all night long. It was crazy! The Neighbour was calling the Police at 5 in the morning and we had to stop... No

Damn...and now u've got a new CD out...Good groovin times with are back...!!!

C ya all

PS: @Spyz: Hope 2007 gonna be big sucsess for you (..and sry for my bad english)

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Spyzttsburgh Fan

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PostSubject: Re: The compliment zone   Wed 13 Dec - 12:11

My favorite tale is this:

I'm working on a project for someone listening to my SPYZ only play list in the background for inspiration. A friend dropped by and said what radio station is that? He thought it was a radio station playing because of all the various flavors he was hearing. I said "Dude it's the same band!" He was instantly converted. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The compliment zone   

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The compliment zone
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