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 Fishbone Show still stuck in my head ^^

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Pierre, zfsf
can sell his body for a new spyz album

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PostSubject: Fishbone Show still stuck in my head ^^   Mon 19 Feb - 0:43

Heayyy all there

As i know some there also love fishbone, i 'm gonna tell ya what you've missed on Saturday night just because you're too far from Angouleme:

Two hours of show, with no pauses, pure energy, pure generosity, and tremendous musicians...

Two hours of songs from all the Fishbone carreer, two hours of dancing, stage diving, and pogo, all surrounded by good vibes and smiles...

Track list i remember,
There's more, i will add as it come's back to me.

Ma and Pa
Unyelding Conditioning
Jack ass Brigade
Party with Saddam
Behind closed doors
Skank'n go Nuttz
Give it Up
Drunk Skitzo
Every day sunshine
Behind my glasses
The suffering
Bonin' in the boneyard

This is the kind of show i will never forget, for the surrounding joy they put in the place. (like one a few years ago, in Poitiers, at "le confort Moderne"...Wink )
My neck still hurts a bit with headbanging...

Thanks Fishbone.
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Kike Gimeno
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PostSubject: Re: Fishbone Show still stuck in my head ^^   Tue 20 Feb - 4:38

hey glad that you saw an amazing concert, like you know some friends Paco and me were in a Fishbone concert in October, it was a great show full of good songs and energy, we spent a funny and crazy day with the bones members too, good guys.
I dig the new line-up, each time are more compacts and each time they feel
more fishbone members.
Mario was in a concert in Cali too.
This year I pray for "THE CONCERT"
sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny bounce bounce Twisted Evil Twisted Evil drunken drunken drunken
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Fishbone Show still stuck in my head ^^
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