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 24-7 Spyz: 2/23/07

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Jimi Hazel
Special Sepia Guest Star

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PostSubject: 24-7 Spyz: 2/23/07   Fri 2 Mar - 5:35

Hey Family! Here's the clips from the 2:23:07 hit! Tired, sleepy and rocking the fuck out! Audio and video is not the best but Tobias Ralph is one of baddest drummers on the planet and Rick is legendary on bass! This is HMS, people! Enjoy the 24-7 Sleepy Spyz! Sleep Sleep Sleep


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El Pollo Rojo

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PostSubject: Re: 24-7 Spyz: 2/23/07   Fri 2 Mar - 19:39

Oh Jimi.... you are so fucking badass. Sometimes I think to myself, "Gee, I wish that I was 1/4 as good of a guitarist as Jimi Hazel."

The problem is that I actually AM about 1/4 as good as you, Jimi! Heh, heh.

I'll light a freakin' candle tonight and wish for a West-coast show. In fact, If the Spyz come out here you all are welcome to crash at my place near Oakland.

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Super Fan

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PostSubject: Cool!   Fri 2 Mar - 20:45


Videos were a nice surprise. Although the audio is rough, Tobias is definatley a bad mutha & the band sounds tight! Thanks Jimi for the teaser!!!

PS>How I'd love to take that Sillouette off of your hands!!! Very Happy
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Absolute Fanatic

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Localisation : Toronto, Canada
Registration date : 2005-11-29

PostSubject: Re: 24-7 Spyz: 2/23/07   Fri 2 Mar - 21:29

Ditto man! Thanks! Very cool! Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation

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le canard fou
Ze only Duck who listen 24-7 Spyz

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PostSubject: Re: 24-7 Spyz: 2/23/07   Sat 3 Mar - 6:15

AAAArghhh so far away...
waiting for for the sunny european tour!(i'll light 36 candles)
And why do you play with this serious killer (he's name is Tobias)? lol!
Thank you Jimi for the recording!
great surprise and i know a Zfsf who will be so happy when he can see it!
(he was hoping that you did it!)
much &
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Pierre, zfsf
can sell his body for a new spyz album

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PostSubject: Re: 24-7 Spyz: 2/23/07   Sat 3 Mar - 7:05

Ha ha ha ha ha my dear Canardo Loco ^^ I just did !!!
This morning i rushed on my motorbike to a place with more than 56 k and i downloaded it all, it's now on my PC and i 'm actually watching it, (again and again), and it's great !!! (Even if i already knew this before Wink)
Thanks Jimi, Rick and Tobias for this moment, a good day for us all when you play live !!! An a better day when you record it !!!

We need all to see those moments until the mega stage diving during the next spyz world tour !!!

Thanks 4 it Wink

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Kike Gimeno
24-7 Spainiac

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Localisation : SPAIN
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PostSubject: Re: 24-7 Spyz: 2/23/07   Sat 3 Mar - 7:12

yeah!!! Thanks for the link Jimi, itīs not the best quality but We can see the power and dominion of the FANTASTIC THREE, Hey!! glad to see Tobias playing live is Great ,man but gave us 0 points in his ( now famous ) HMS Cymbal throwing lol!
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Dave Thomas
Longtime Spyz freak

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Registration date : 2005-12-02

PostSubject: Subject: 24-7 Spyz: 2/23/07   Sat 7 Apr - 11:07

"Sleepy" Hazel still rocks haha. Cool vid, too bad the audio is messed up. Tobias makes that little kit sound HUGE!
d Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: 24-7 Spyz: 2/23/07   

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24-7 Spyz: 2/23/07
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