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 One yaer later!

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le canard fou
Ze only Duck who listen 24-7 Spyz

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PostSubject: One yaer later!   Mon 16 Apr - 7:59

One year later and like every time for me about a new Spyz album, i find that is really a very good and powerfull Spyz album! As a guitar player ,that i am, i've first put my attention on the guitars and guitar bass and voices and the new arrangements about the "21century south bronx and beyond the univers rock star" tracks... but recently, i realize how much tobias is a very good drummer! Much i hear him playing much i love and understand his style! He seems to be every where in the same time on his drum!! (except when he try to kill the others members with the symbals) lol! lol!
My heart still goes at "Angel", wich is for me a pretty 247 carats jewel, but the full album is a killa' !
What are your feelings became about
one year later fans (and 24 members, ex-members and guests) Question Question

(No Madona, you still don't have my authorization to post on this forum, because you still suck even now that you'got your menopause! Sorry! maybe in another life!! But i guess not!)

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Pierre, zfsf
can sell his body for a new spyz album

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PostSubject: Re: One yaer later!   Mon 16 Apr - 9:11

I do agree !!!!!
Quote :
Face the Day is really a very good and powerfull Spyz album!
My favs are... almost evey tracks of the record, drunken but my heart beats more when i listen to Running and Anything For You, (talking about the new songs), plus the fact i find the places they have on the tracklist is excellent chaining up.
Hip hip hip for Face the Day and next ^^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote :
tobias is a very good drummer
I also do Agree !!! (but he already knows it Wink)
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Kike Gimeno
24-7 Spainiac

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PostSubject: Re: One yaer later!   Mon 16 Apr - 17:18

One year later I still thinking is the best album I had been listening in last year ha,ha.
YES, there are many things, passing time , I like to listen carefully the work of Rick, incredible with his non stop bass in songs like running or plastique and the perfect communion with guitars I love his style

Guitars, what can I say .......all of you feel like me with JimiŽs guitars job, he is unique.

Tobias is a true discover always at the service of the song and making the difficult things turning in a easy mode
I always say this ,but is AWESOME!!!! to me the vocals melodys and the background vocals that always doing 24-7 Spyz, is a trademark.

My songs all of them, but more original ones than versions
I have specially affection for Soulsucker and Angel, like says Canard is a true jewel.
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paco p.
Super Fan

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PostSubject: Re: One yaer later!   Fri 20 Apr - 12:35

yeah! I really enjoy the album like the first day iheard it!
Like my friend kike said, I think the treatment of the voices and the beautiful guitar lines are the trademark of the band.

The production is very good too. I like all the songs of , but ride of nowhere, faithless, the saturday song and angel, wich are together in the midle of the album, are just incredible! IŽd really like to speak better in english to explain what I feel when i listen to this songs.

congratulations once again Tobias, Rick and jimmi!!!!
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Super Fan

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PostSubject: Re: One yaer later!   Fri 20 Apr - 22:44

for me the first time i heard i was happy the spyz were back and stoked to see them reinvent themselfs and sounding tight as ever.i mean come on its jimi fricking hazel and rick fricking skatore and bring tobias in to the mix is just right. ride to nowhere, faithless,and face the day are my favs.been digging on angel alot lately.after one year we are waiting Sleep for the spys to come out here to califonia and kick that shit live and direct. much love and respect to the
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PostSubject: Re: One yaer later!   

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One yaer later!
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