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Jimi Hazel
Special Sepia Guest Star

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PostSubject: THE NEW BUMBLEFOOT CD!!!   Tue 13 Dec - 9:47

Hey everyone! Our Brother Bumblefoot has released his new cd, entitled "Normal".It is an instant classic as Bfoot as taken his skillz as a songwriter, musician and producer to a new level of greatness! Stellar playing, melodies that you can't stop singing along to and production that leaves your ears and gut happy! lol! Not to mention background vocals by Supa, Rick, Tobias & myself! Give yourself the gift of great music and COP THAT DISC! You can get it at: www.bumblefoot.com or at www.baldfreak.com. SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC! sunny
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le canard fou
Ze only Duck who listen 24-7 Spyz

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PostSubject: Re: THE NEW BUMBLEFOOT CD!!!   Tue 13 Dec - 16:51

jocolor Hey you 're right Lord Hazel of heavy metalsoul 4 ever and beyond ! Support your favorites and copy Madona or this type of ...music(?)
But i know what you're thinking about: No one here is listening to that garbage music because your ears cannot smell it! But let me tell you a story:
Once upon a time... Ok the short one:
Every morning i was wake up by a green woodpecker which was high on a tree near the pond where i was sleeping...ok short ok! One day he cut his own branch and I've never heard him again! and
ps: I juust discovered Bumble foot last month, "hands" is better than every Spyz album! ( Sh.t! i'm not on the Bumblefoot's forum!) affraid
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