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Jimi Hazel
Special Sepia Guest Star

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PostSubject: SOMETIMES.......   Sat 10 Apr - 21:39

Evil or Very Mad

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Kike Gimeno
24-7 Spainiac

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PostSubject: Re: SOMETIMES.......   Sun 11 Apr - 13:49

You use to be optimistic everytime and you are always spreading good vibes and love with your family and friends, itīs normal you feel like this sometimes but remember there are many people that love you too and we appreciate your way you see the LIFE in this world, MOST of time positive and putting a smile in the face of your friends ALWAYS!!

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Pierre, zfsf
can sell his body for a new spyz album

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PostSubject: Re: SOMETIMES.......   Mon 12 Apr - 0:48

Hey, I'm back, in my new house and immediately check on my favorite place ever on the web, and read this hard message. I'm sad about this but i also sadly can understand this, because of the choices you made. Choices you made to not ever follow the line, that is a risk to be less seen or heard by those who follow the line, but what is important in art, is to NOT EVER FOLLOW THE LINE !!! It needs to be brave, and strong, and strong, and strong...

Great music rules !!!

As Kike said Master
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PostSubject: Re: SOMETIMES.......   Tue 20 Apr - 9:29

I can understand that, but you have to remember that 24-7 Spyz is prolly the best underrated band ever and your fanbase will stick to you no matter what. Ok maybe musicians can't live of the admiration of fans, they have to pay bills and mantain a family, so yeah, if music is'nt giving you too much monetary satisfactions it's your decision, anyway with or without Spyz i'll listen to your music till i the day i die.

Hope someday you people get the recogtion that you deserve.
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PostSubject: Re: SOMETIMES.......   

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