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 Rick Skatore's Bass Playing

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PostSubject: Rick Skatore's Bass Playing   Wed 24 May - 16:35

Here's a messed up question for Rick.

[Since we see very little of our FOUR-STRING-ED friend on this phorum.]

You do stand in a league all your own on bass--as proven by the 20 minute version of Stunt that you and Jimi do on the DVD. It's frigging astonishing.

That said? If you had to put yourself square in the midst of a pair of bassists stylistically--who would you chose?

And who would Jimi choose for you?

Personally--I get and always have had a sense of Stanley Clarke and John Entwistle for a combination of sheer balls out talent and the ability to fill like no other human I've heard.

Not blowing smoke here.... Just thinking critically.
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Rick Skatore's Bass Playing
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